Being a Loser with Thermomix

Howdy there again…………

Gee time flies…………I’ve been a Thermomix consultant for a little over 60 days now.  Thermomix gives you a 60 day period to prove your worth as a Thermomix consultant – you really just need to sell 3 machines and you’re in – piece of cake.

WOW well I’m super proud to say I blitzed it…………In my 60 day time frame I became to the top NSW consultant EVER for the 60 day period.  I also am the current top 60 day seller in AUSTRALIA for the January February 2014 period. Not too bad for a country gal from little ol Dubbo.

And you know what

The best part

I’ve loved every darn minute of it…………I’ve travelled around the country side  watching parts of it transform from serious drought stricken country side to lush green pastures.  The recent rain has definately been patchy but very welcomed by those that received it.

I’ve met some wonderful people who have welcomed me into their homes and have embraced me and my thermomix…..

Thermomix has supported me all the way providing wonderful training and not to mention the incentives which are keeping me motivated and focused.  My group leader has all the answers to my never ending questions and she’s never ever rolled her eyes, the support from her and my Dubbo Team is incredible – I say a huge thank you to you all. xxx

And as for cooking – well I wanted inspiration, I wanted motivation – well I got it.  Some of the things I have made for the first time:

  • butter in under 5 minutes
  • yoghurt for $1.30 per litre
  • tomato paste – free from home grown tomatoes
  • lemon merangue pie
  • jersey caramel chews
  • fig, walnut and pear paste

And thats just off the top of my head.

And no more packets of preservative laden crap for me either…




I’ve lost 13 kilos so far since I’ve had my Thermomix.


Talk to you soon


cheers B



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