Where have I been?

Hello everyone, gosh time flies doesn’t it. It’s been quite a while since I have done an update – almost 6 years in fact.

Wow, well guess what I am still a thermomix consultant, my children are no longer teenagers (our baby is now 21) and I have added wannabe farmer to my resume. I am still a passionate cook, keen gardener and most definitely a poultry lover through and through. If you want to hear more about these topics please hang around.

It’s no secret that out on the farm we have experienced the worst droughtin history.. no decent rain for almost three years. Thankfully my thermomix business has enabled me to continue with a personal income and also allowed me the space to be flexible enough to commit the time required to feed animals and tend to the farm. With some decent rain of late I would love to say farewell to that wretched drought, time will tell, however for the first time in a very long time things are indeed looking promising and has the recent rain has given us some relief.

We’ve got a new model thermomix and it’s got some terrific new features and I’m keen to share them with you. I’ve become a thermomix team leader and that is indeed exciting, enabling people to create their own business. I am loving seeing and helping people achieve success with a role that enables them the flexibility of working from home.

Covid19 sure has opened opportunities for us all – we have embraced the virtual world, given rural people more and more options to experience the thermomix such as virtual deliveries and virtual cook a longs. Families are spending more time together than ever before and cooking more, experimenting with dishes and encouraging all family members to take a more active role in preparing the family meal… this is where thermomix really has come to shine and be the best addition you could make to your kitchen now.

So stay tuned for more about the thermomix and what it can do and to hear what life on the farm is like.. I would love some feedback if you are looking forward to sharing the rest of this journey with me please let me know.

cheers B

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