Well I’ve taken the plunge

Howdy there from Dubbo in the central west of NSW. I love cooking and have dabbled in amateur catering for the last 4 years by cooking for pony club for between 70 and 100 people for a week 3 meals a day plus smoko morning and afternoon each day. Recently I had become a bit blah in the kitchen – not motivated, not inspired, cooking had become a chore – something that had to be done, there was no enjoyment in it for me anymore.

However, that all changed when I went to a thermomix demonstration and  invested in a Thermomix and I absolutely  love it. To be able to prepare food from scratch with no preservatives, minimal effort and being able to multitask at the same time is life changing.  Whoever heard of hanging the washing out or bathing a baby(not that I have a baby) whilst making a successful rissotto……..or making custard for dessert whilst the main meal is being cleared from the table.

All this and so much more is made possible by the thermomix – I’ve found it so easy to use that I’ve now become a consultant, because I’d like you to become a little like me – getting a bit more motivated in the kitchen and helping your family eat healthier and making life a lot more simpler and with the added bonus of just one bowl to clean up at the end.

This is just a very brief introduction to me and what will be one my blog and hopefully a useful information and entertaining page – but be warned it’s not all going to be good news stories, I plan on sharing the disasters with you too – as I’m sure there will be plenty of those. Just to give you a taste of one such disaster – at my very first  Thermomix demonstration when the the rissotto was ready – imagine my horror when I removed the lid and realised I had forgotten to press the temperature button so the rissotto was not cooked. And that’s why I call myself The Mixed Up Thermo Lady

take care cheers b xxx

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