Life does not always revolve around my Thermomix

My rewardThe above was so true yesterday.  I had spent most of the morning tending to animals – we are presently hand feeding some very poor cattle that have come from Bourke – this is time consuming and needs to be done every day, on a positive note the cows and calves are sooo quiet and hopefully will stay that way for the remainder of their time on our farm.  So I fed the cows, filled the stock water trough (our house dam is also dry) checked on the chooks (that’s a whole blog to itself) fed the horses and finally wandered inside to have a shower.

My husband was just on his way to work so I said goodbye and turned on the taps. As I stepped out of the shower I could hear this furious honking of horn (do I tell you now that our home phone was also not working and we get next to nil mobile reception – yet we are 7 k’s from Dubbo) so I heard this noise thinking to myself “wtf” maybe our border collie dog had bailed up another visitor.  I looked out of bathroom window and saw Mr Mixed Up in his ute chasing a cow that had escaped onto the road.  QUICK OPEN THE BLOODY GATE…. hell, what do I do??? – get dressed, get dry, oh decisions decisions………so I throw on a towel find my thongs (the shoe variety) and run out. Our front house paddock runs right on a very busy road……….can you imagine the view that anyone passing by would have seen with me running around the paddock helping chase the cow. Now writing this blog the only tag line I can think of is “yes you do have to chase the cow to get the milk” – but that’s not appropriate in this instance – she was a dry cow (for all you city folk that’s a cow with no calf).

Its not great to have a cow or any type of livestock on a busy road so it is in the best interest of the farmer to make sure that they are contained……..we got the cow in…………and that was the end of the story……….

And…………Telstra finally came today and fixed our home phone – for now.


cheers B

One thought on “Life does not always revolve around my Thermomix

  1. Love it….now I know the whole story, I take back my comment
    About the ” late shower “. Our city slicker cousins have no idea
    What we have to do….anyway, just saw some poor cattle on the
    Road between Condobolin and Forbes.

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