Chicken Liver pate with sourdough

TThe Mixed Up Thermo Lady pateoday I made the most amazing chicken liver pate…. I really wanted to make it yesterday, but after having all the ingredients set out ready to start, the young aprentice was walking past and asked what was I making etc.  After I told him Chicken Liver Pate he pointed out that the packet on the bench said “Chicken Hearts” so after a small amount of tooing and frowing between us I consented that I had indeed purchased hearts instead of livers…. So Darby, Turbo and little Stanley had a delicous feast of their own.

So I set forth this morning to make my pate.  The recipe that I used is copyrighted so I am unable to share but a simple google search will find you a huge amount of recipes to choose from, particularly those where you can use your thermomix to make pate.  There’s a recipe in The Everyday Cookbook which all Thermomix owners will have.

I did have have to also make my own ghee the recipe which I found in Quirky Cooking by Jo Whitton – I use ghee almost every day which I make from my own homemade butter.  I try to only buy the reduced pure cream at Woolies I find I can save at least $1.00 a carton sometimes even more.  It doesn’t really matter what the use by date is on your cream, because once you have turned it into butter and washed it you can extend the use by date by about 2 weeks.

Back to the pate, it’s bloody delicious and as you can see I whacked a fair chunk of it onto my sourdough bread that I made on Sunday.  I’m still in the learning phase of sourdough, so I’ll not go down the path of “a little knowledge is dangerous” and spare you on sharing my tips and tricks on sourdough – although if you are a bit of a whizz with the sourdough I’d love to hear how to make your sourdough less sour!!!!!!

So give the pate a try and let me know how you go by posting your photos on my facebook page .


Have a great day cheers b










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