Getting my sourdough on

The Mixed Up Thermo Lady sourdough cultured butter kefirmonth ago I was unfortunate enough to miss out on attending a sourdough workshop in my home town of Dubbo with Jean Martinez Buggar! Anyway I got my hands on the work book and a batch of starter and off I went.  I know that I loved the taste of sourdough and was desperate to make my own – how hard could it be?

Of course I sped read the work book and was now an expert. Nothing ventured nothing gained is one of my new mottos.

Spelt sourdough here I come.

So I weighed ingredients into my thermomix and set it to knead – great. Easy.

I’m following the recipe from the work book – there are loads of recipes for sourdough out there just go and have a google and I reckon maybe after this weekend I’ll be in a position to share my own version.

Long story short, the end result wasn’t too bad, a tad sour maybe – but put enough cultured butter on it and one couldn’t really tell!!

Today I was doing some more googling and came across this Beginners’ Blog by SourDom. So I’m going to follow his tips and see how I go.

I’m also wondering if I can get away with only one big prove of the sourdough.  Time will tell I

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