How much money can you save using your Thermomix

What have you made today using your thermomix? Are you using it to it’s full potential? Want to know what I did today and how much money I saved?

First of all I made poached eggs on my home made sourdough using my home made butter.  Cost break down for me:

eggs free – farm fresh of course

butter $1 for 250 grams

loaf of sourdough about $4

total cost for one serve I reckon about 60 cents TOPS – a serve of poached eggs on sourdough at my local cafe is about $8

Chocolate cake using home grown eggs, home made butter, store bought milk and flour.

total cost for cake including icing I reckon $2 TOPS – chocolate cake at woolies about $5 (and full of preservatives and additives)

Cafe Late 1 teaspoon of instant coffee and 250g milk, 30 cents TOPS – again from my local cafe $4.50

berry kefir smoothie – free probiotics from kefir grains – 500 ml $1.50 – unsure of price if I was to buy storebought

Total savings for today $13.60 I think I have been very conservative in my estimates too.

That’s not to mention the time savings that my thermomix has enabled me to have – and then there is our dinner which was pork meat fritters which were filled with lots of leftovers from our fridge.

Again I ask – What did you make today? What are you going to make today…and how much money will you be saving.. How much healthier do you think it will be for your family by cooking from scratch at home..

Cheers b

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