Busy day again…

Early morning start – I had to make boys lunches this morning and I used the left over sundried tomato and cashew dip on their wraps with cold meat – can’t remember if I told them there’s a hint of chilli in it (oh well they will work it out) – then I’ve made my supply of butter… Ive got some serious cooking to do today as I’m heading off to help my friend get married this weekend….actually I’m really just going to drink her wine and dance the night away xx.

So back to my cooking, I’ve got my ghee on at the moment thanks Quirky Cooking . Next up will be a big batch of biscuits, Choc chip definitely, but my mum used to make cornflake and sultana biscuits so I’ll dig out that recipe and convert for Thermomix too.

We’ve got a house full here for a few weeks so I’m hoping to put them all to work and get lots of jobs done around the place….starting off with a dry stone wall – it’s always been a bit of a dream of mine the boys are doing a practise one first and it’s beautiful.

To feed a house full of hard workers can always be a challenge but I can steam eggs in my varoma whilst steaming potatoes as well all great for yummy salads for lunches. I did a couple of healthy steamed chooks yesterday again for quick easy meals for a crowd .

The brown rice salad is always a hit for the family and it certainly does feed a crowd.

Best run.

Cheers b xx

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