Time’s a ticking…

I just read an article. Have a read here and see what you think.

Me? Well, now you’ve asked…I think we should all be just getting back to basics – eating honest, wholesome food, not reaching for a packet of this or a packet of that. Really. Making your own food from scratch is really not that difficult.

Start by making a cake (not out of a cardboard box) or your own stock (same deal). I’m on a roll with my sourdough, making a loaf about every three days, and it tastes so much better than any commercial bread I’ve purchased. And the bonus…I’ve got less flatulence.

Mixed Up Thermo Lady bargain buys

Bargain-buy salmon was $8.49 reduced to $2.40

We’ve got an oversupply of eggs at the moment, which I have been happily giving away to my friends. However, last night when I was a bit unwell, Mr Mixed Up made the best scrambled eggs ever! A basic meal  served on sourdough with a sliver of smoked salmon (something I purchased on sale at supermarket). It would have been equally as yummy on its own or with tinned salmon.

I also used my home-made cultured butter on my home-made sourdough. So, how much would you pay for a serve of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon from a cafe? I’m guessing at least $10 per serve. We had enough for five people and I reckon it cost about $10 all up – tops. That’s a quick, easy evening meal. No diet fad there, no easy takeaway option either.

I’ve not tried the paleo or the “I quit sugar” programmes. To be honest, I really haven’t had too much of a look at paleo, but on face value I think it’s just a bit too much effort for my busy life. As for the sugar…I don’t mind the odd piece of chocolate.

Sure we need to be all mindful of the quantity of food we eat and what ingredients are used in the processed foods we consume. There’s no point in eating a whole tray of muffins just because they are made from organic ingredients, but you’re definitely better off eating one of those than one the sugary, preservative-laced versions you’d get from the supermarket or produced from a packet. In our time-poor, busy lives it’s no wonder we often reach out and take the quickest fuss-free route.

Have you ever timed how long it takes you to order a pizza or a hamburger?

One of the most valuable things in my kitchen is my digital timer – and doesn’t time fly? When I put my sourdough in the oven I set the timer for 35 minutes, do a couple of jobs around the house, and next thing you know it’s done. Too easy.

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