Perfect pavlova ?? or is it?????

Howdy, I’ve just spent the weekend up in Cunnamulla with my husband – had a great time for sure.

Had a few moments to myself with my new Thermomix model 5 and noticed some vinegar in the pantry and thought I’d give a pav a crack.

I’ll pop the link to my pav recipe in here – eventually…

You need to mill your sugar first and then make sure that your bowl is washed and dried thoroughly before you attempt to whip eggs whites ok..

This is where I really missed my additional bowl and blade set from my TM31.

Following the recipe from the Basic cookbook using guided cooking all went pretty well.

The eggs whites whipped themselves up into a great frenzy and looked fantastic.

I gradually added my sugar, vinegar and vanilla.

I like lots of sugar in my pav so I added some additional white sugar….from a jar in the pantry…didn’t think it was quite enough so I found another jar with some castor sugar in it and added a few more spoons.

Popped the pav I’m the oven and was pretty pleased with myself.

I let my pav sit in the oven over night.

Next day I whipped up some cream again using guided cooking on the thermomix model 5. Piece of cake…

Dressed up the pav with cream and fresh fruit and it looked absolutely amazing (if I don’t say so myself)

Took the pav out that afternoon to some ladies to show it off.. After promising Mr Mixed Up that YES I would save him some.

The ladies loved the look of the pav but alas after a 5 course tasting sensation demo could not fit another thing in – some went home with a doggie bag of pav and I left a generous portion for the hostess too.

Mr Mixed Up and I had pav for dessert and indeed it was delicious.. Still perhaps not quite as sweet as I was hoping for, but hey, it’s sugar free September so that me feel mildly better.

Next morning when packing up to return to Dubbo, I grabbed the jar of castor sugar to pack – Mr Mixed Up said not to take that with me as it wasn’t his… Oh ok I said “But we’re out of sugar”. He said “Yup we are but you don’t want that IT’S SALT”. Oh crap, I’d put a couple of extra spoonfuls of salt into the pav….Pav was still delicious – imagine how good it could have been without it tho…

Looks like I’ll be making pav again real soon…. Lucky it’s so bloody easy..


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perfect pavlova thermomix

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